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Airbnb Package

 wireless internet airbnb


Pre Pay Data  +  Daily Data Usage Limit 


The perfect Cost-Saving solution for your Airbnb or Short term Rental.


What you get: 


  • • Wifi with a daily Data Cap chosen by you (1GB-15GB daily limit).

  • • Option to remove the data cap when you need

  • • Speeds typically around 20Mbps  


How it helps:

Free Wifi is one of the most important considerations for Airbnb guests. By enabling this amenity on your Airbnb listing you will increase the demand for your property. 

 "@Christian531 As a frequent traveler myself on Airbnb, one of the top considerations for choosing accommodation for me is wifi access. It's pretty much a dealbreaker for me. Planning each day, checking google maps and trip-advisor for nearby restaurants, how to get places etc. Having wifi allows a guest to do this with ease. Besides, the more information available to the guest, the less they have to ask you, the host - which, lets be honest, is ideal when you don't have the free time to be 24 hour concierge" - Airbnb Customer


What does it Cost?


  • • For new customers there is a one-off standard installation fee of $300. This fee includes everything you need to use any of our wireless services in the future.

  • • Pre Pay data Purchase (see data prices in Wireless section)

  • • Please contact us for options if you're an existing customer.